Prime Land Brazil

Ocean view land for sale or exchange 
           in N.E.Brazil

Paraiba, N.E.Brazil

Beautiful in every way, yet missed and unknown to many, this area of N.E.Brazil could easily be described as the last affordable paradise!

Quietly progressing forward, with a stable economy, Brazil is destined to become one of the top 5 world economies.

The hosting of international sports events over the past 5 years, (World Cup and Olympics) certainly increased awareness and demand even more, all combining to put Brazil even more 'on the map'. 

'Great value' real estate opportunities as a result, are definitely (and rapidly) disappearing!

Brazil is a beautiful country, warm and friendly people, wonderful culture, and a colonial past mixed with a very hi-tech present. Add that to Paraiba's wonderful year-round climate, (with no increment weather like hurricanes to spoil your day) literally miles of some of the best (and most deserted) beaches anywhere in the world, and rolling evergreen countryside, and it's easy to see why those who have discovered this area of N.E.Brazil, simply don't want to leave. (And frequently don't!)

As with the price of our land in Brazil for sale, building costs in N.E.Brazil are also still for now, remaining low, making having your own luxury villa built, (or larger development project) a very realistic and viable possibility. Allowing for some great returns on investment. (ROI)

But good land (with permits) is becoming harder to find. Especially land that is not part of a controlled and restricted development project. (Invariably with limited plot sizes and where freedom of individual design fails to exist)      That narrows down opportunity dramatically. 

Making the number one choice being the idyllic and evergreen state of Paraiba . . . .

The state where hi-rise development is banned from it’s coastline, where the environment takes priority, and where the purest air quality on the planet has been recorded. (NASA) . . . 

The state’s capital city is Joao Pessoa, and is also Brazil’s third oldest city.

With a beautifully preserved and vibrant colonial centre full of colourful architecture, parks lakes and greenery, and a sympathetically blending 22nd century exterior. (Much of which is equally colourful in gleaming ceramics!)

A welcoming city, full of life, culture, music, warmth and friendliness.

Spotlessly clean, supported by an international airport, an equally modern and advanced infrastructure with all conceivable amenities and modern shopping malls with leading international names, and not surprisingly, kilometres of wide and seemingly endless pristine beaches, and for the adventurous, off-shore corals reefs too.

 . . . . .  The location of our plot? 

A short and easy drive to the south, to the highly recommended beach, coastline and area of outstanding natural beauty, that is Praia Bela.

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